At Axe To Ice we dedicate ourselves to bringing the best acts we can find to our stage and, as such, tend to have rather a love affair with the performers we book. In order to better acquaint our audiences with the people we work with and our reasons for working with them, we offer you this handy, ongoing guide to our love. This is a partial list of acts present, future, and past that inspire us, change us, or just plain twitterpate us: First up, an act we booked the second we had the theme of Grotesque! Catch them this Sunday at 8pm!

BLACK CAT BURLESQUEWe heard about Black Cat Burlesque long before we saw them. They were a unique “must see”, we were told. They were different, edgy, smart… all the words we wish would always precede “burlesque”. It wasn’t until Karin did a show at the Coolidge to mark the anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe that we were able to see them and work alongside them. Onstage, this troupe is diverse and deliciously original- they at once embrace the melancholy and yet still deliver a piece that is celebratory. (Backstage they are kind, well-organized, and inordinately agreeable- a producer’s dream!) Their passion for what they do, and the ideas they dissect, is palpable and raw—I am convinced they are delighted to revel in ideas so seemingly removed from the bounce of burlesque- convinced that the trickle-thin line they dance between obscure and inviting totally delights them—that I cannot help but get swept in to the worlds they create. And when it’s done, I have seen something totally, totally different.

For all the fluff that burlesque can get away with, we are exceedingly happy that this clever (and ferocious) troupe asserts from the beginning what is sexy to them and makes us agree before we can think twice about it.


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