The following was written a couple years ago by me and updated recently to reflect more perfectly my lofty-though-visceral goals for the upcoming show series I've created with Jill Gibson, "Bent Wit Cabaret":

"We must stop crying out for a "New Theatre," waiting to be rescued by the genius of another, and look at the work that is being made right now by every artist in the field, and demand excellence, demand transformative storytelling, demand a clear and striking voice!  This "Inventive Theatre" can be found in nothing more than hard work, dedication, and a thoughtful commitment to the creative aspects of communication." - Karin Webb 2005

I want to someday be the Director and major actor/creator for a company (my company- why not start here?!) that puts out performances equal to "The Ziegfeld Follies" in spectacle, "The Carol Burnett Show" in comedic content and character variety and commitment, and with the inventive quality, skilled training, and ensemble vision that Pina Bausch brought to the stage.

Help me...  Play with me...  Support me...  Join forces!  I am here to grow, to win, and to bleed in this game!

Over and Out Love,
-KPW (aka: UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb)
Co-Creator of Axe To Ice Productions